Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gallery 1

From the Archives:
June 3, 2004
Sarah's books #1-5

Sarah writes, "I love your Jumbo books! I have been making massive, lumpy and wonderful journals with them for close to eight years. I have filled nearly six of them with pictures and writing and scraps and sugar packets and all manner of odd things. When they are full they are so swollen that they can barely lie flat without flopping open and revealing a polaroid or a pressed flower or a rant. I lug them almost everywhere with me in case something interesting happens. They are the first thing I would rescue in the event of a fire and the last thing I would leave behind on a long trip."

Thanks, Sarah! This is one of our favorite letters of all time. Sarah also wrote us about her odyssey in search of an unruled Jumbo at a time when it seemed all the Jumbo
books in the world were ruled.